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The Berseria Effect

I write this, knowing that I haven’t completed Tales of Berseria, and fully aware that I’m not even halfway. However I think it’s truly important for me to get my views across, as this is becoming a serious game-changer.

I come into the World of Berseria, being a complete Anime noob. I’ve only watched Dragonball/DBZ, and Akira. This may be because when I was a lot younger, I was “introduced” to Anime, by fellow friends, who thought it would be a good idea to start me on Urotsukidoji.
I see the amusing side now, but if we could rewind back to when I was 14, you would all see a much different look on my face. What makes it worse was, I vividly remember eating a cheese pizza, with a school friend of mine #awkward.

If somebody was to ask me my game preference 10+ years ago, I would have said any JRPG or MMORPG.
Time has changed in my old age, I still have a deep love for both, but with a lack of hours in the day to really dig my nails into them, I tend to jump on and play quick bursts of something, and for that reason Rogue-Like games have become a huge part of my gaming life.
I received Tales of Berseria from the Humble Monthly of September 2018, which at the time I thought was going to be a bit of a waste for me.
Struggling to get over the recent playthrough of the Arkham Series, I decided I would give it a jolly good bash on stream.

As pointed out above, I haven’t really given any JRPG the time of day since I felt the pain of Final Fantasy X-2.
Tales of Berseria (let’s call it ToB from here on) in the 8 hours of gameplay so far, has completely re-energised my love for the genre, both JRPG, and Anime.
The “main section” of the tutorial, had me gripped, and hating a certain character that I can’t wait to meet again.
The last time I felt this hard-done by, was Sephiroth killing Aerith.
I’ve forgiven Sephiroth over time, because he is honestly the coolest villain in any game I’ve played, I mean, his theme gives me chills.
The “Sephiroth” of ToB, I have more hatred for, I don’t want to kill him, I feel like to really get my point across, I should backhand him with my big Daemon hand… and then kill him.

The combat is something that I could honestly say I hated in previous Action based RPG games. I can’t stand the new combat system in the FF games following on from X-2.
With ToB, it doesn’t feel like a chore to play, I like the combat, I enjoy building my little combos outside of battle, and testing them out to see if I can not get my face smashed in, and the best moment of the combat so far for me, was receiving a skill (the name eludes me), but it allowed me to kick a stupid bird in the face, that, previous to the skill, would just flap its stupid wings in my face, and interrupt me for a few seconds, infuriating.
It’s still far too early for me to judge because of the size of the game, but the combat currently feels like it could be made slightly harder (this is with me on the hardest setting), that’s not to say I haven’t had my face smashed in twice, once by a bat with a mask on… wait…. could it be Batsy?

My main concern is that, I’m a man with a short attention span, I like a lot of change, and the size of this game worries me. I want to get to a conclusion of the game, and know that I’ll be able to finish off “Sephiroth”. To put it into context, Arkham City, was finished on my Twitch stream in roughly 4, 3.5 hour sittings, for those who don’t want to do the calculations, that made the game around 13.5 hours long. ToB is said to be FORTY-FOUR HOURS, that’s just the Main Story, and that doesn’t even include how bad I am!

If the game wasn’t such a spectacle to watch and play, I would have given up already, but I’m invested in the characters, I want to see the relationship of Velvet and Number Two evolve, I want to Daemon Punch “Sephiroth”, and I want to continue collecting ridiculous outfits for everybody.

Once I have managed to finish the game (in around 2 years time), I hope to write a final piece to this article, and I hope that my feelings will remain positive.

Until then, go and grab it yourselves!

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