My Old Eyes

The past few years, various things have happened that have shown my age, allow me to list some of the major contenders for you:

  1. Attempted to be good at Fortnite
  2. Grew moobs
  3. Lost 90% of the hair on my head
  4. Found 90% of that hair around my moobs
  5. Started to play Warframe

Seriously, number 5 is the one that has hit me hardest.

I first played Warframe around 2015, when it was just a fantastic looking fast paced ARPG. It has since become a fantastic looking Open World fast paced ARPG, with classes that move so quickly I can’t help but call the game Grey Sonic.

It’s gotten to the point where I have reduced my mouse sensitivity to roughly 90% of the recommended, just so I can see what I’m shooting, and even then, I feel like my hand needs a zimmer frame.

I picked up this game again recently on my stream, and had no clue what I was doing, I fumbled my way through a few missions that I didn’t deserve to win, and magically, received the help of a kind person who clearly pitied me.

He moved phenomenally fast, I couldn’t keep up, not just in game, but my brain felt like I was trying to solve the theory of everything, he then decided “no, that’s not quite fast enough”, and activated a skill that made me run into every door, wall, enemy, container, literally just EVERYTHING.
At this point I thought, what am I doing, what happened to the days where my main concern was how many lives I had left before my Italian plumber gave me his sad little face and fell through the Earth.

Playing Warframe aged me roughly a day per hour spent. I re-watched Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths recently, there’s a scene in which Johnny Quick, the alternate Flash, runs on a treadmill to open a portal (just go with it), however in doing so aged him rapidly. A laboured similarity, but you see what I’m getting at.

None of this is to say that Warframe isn’t fun to play, because it really is… if you can follow the combat. I’ve not played my way through even a fraction of the game, yet I seem to have bumbled my way to set of wings, with a large minigun..? People are flying around you on hoverboards, dashing through the air and unleashing some of the best looking skills you’ll find on an ARPG. It can sometimes feel surreal that this game is F2P.

But then there it is, in this day and age, F2P usually means “Free for those who love a long grind”, you can unlock everything in the game if you’re happy to wait hours/days/weeks but who enjoys waiting? When I unlocked my shooty-wings I was immediately shown that I would need to wait 3 hours to build them… not happening. The game throws a few “paid” credits your way, which I couldn’t have used fast enough to get these wings, but then there’s about a million other blueprints that range from:

  • Pets
  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Other cool exosuit things

All of this can be achieved by those with the patience of a Monk, but I am not this man, I am the man that wants the things it has told me I have unlocked.
I don’t want to unlock an unlockable that I need to grind to unlock.. Or something like that.
For me, the perfect example of a successful “F2P” game, would be none other than Path of Exile, where the payments are purely cosmetic, however we’ll get to PoE once I’ve finished levelling my Zombie Herder Witch Lady.

All in all the game is an absolutely great example on how you create and build on a F2P game, little to no server lag, an enjoyable community to take part in, gorgeous graphics, and gameplay that makes the cost of Anthem seem fairly… unjustified.

It’s a game that I will continue to go back to but in short bursts of gameplay, because..well…it’s just too damn fast.

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