Child’s Play Charity Event (Complete)

Child’s Play
World of Warcraft: Iron Man Challenge
Twitch: Darydactyl

Between the dates 29/07 and 31/07 from 8am to 11pm UK time (coincidently, my Birthday) I will be performing a charity stream for Child’s Play (link above). I’m attempting to raise a minimum of £500, but obviously anything that can be donated to help their cause is very welcome. In order to do my best to achieve this, 100% of all donation, sub, or bits will go directly to their cause. To provide the entertainment, I will be performing the Warcraft – Iron Man Challenge: A notorious challenge, known as the hardest to perform on the game itself. There is a monumentous rule set to make my life as hard as possible (link also above).

The reason behind doing this is simple, Child’s Play’s main goal is to keep children smiling during some of the hardest occasions of their life to date. I personally have never been stuck in hospital for weeks/days/months but I have gone through my own times of need.
Gaming was/has always been a way for me to escape, where I can be the hero, the superstar race car driver, the secret agent, and whilst I can’t compare my own harsh times to those who are stuck in a place you are almost forced to call your home, I can empathize.

With that said I hope you can all join me (twitch link above) in raising money for an organisation that has been created purely to keep a cheesy grin on our faces.